North East Air Images is refered to within this website as NEAI and will be throughout this document.

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NEAI accepts no responsibility for content uploaded by its members. Although we try our upmost to prevent explicit/inapropriate material from being uploaded/displayed on our website we cannot guarantee it to be the case.

NEAI accepts no responsibility for images being copied from this website and used elsewhere.

NEAI will from time to time use images from the website for promotional purposes only, where this is the case full credit will be given.

NEAI reserves the right to remove any image without notice. Photos with links from DTVmovements will not be removed completely they will still be viewable from their website

Rules for Submissions
1) No explicit/inapropriate material. This includes graphic images of air accidents or any other nature.
2) Photographs must be your own work, we do not accept images even where credit to the photographer is given.
3) Photgraphers must make every effort to ensure there photograph information is as accurate as possible.
4) Images must be sized to 1024 wide by 683 high.
5) Every effort must be made to ensure the quality is the best you can acheive.
6) Backlit photos will only be allowed if it is to be used for a movement record on DTVmovements.

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